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Hydro Power Plant Equipment- Powerful Machinery

Posted by Admin on December, 09, 2014

One of the cleanest ways of producing power is through the harnessing the power from flowing water downstream. It could also be the cheapest way since the main raw material is only water and that too is not spent or wasted, but allowed to flow after the power generation part is over. But you do need to invest heavily in building the hydroelectric power plant. There is the civil portion where the dam or reservoir is constructed to block the flow and store it and then allowed to be released, where the turbines produce the hydro power. The Hydro Power Plant Equipment is an important part of the energy infrastructure of any country, especially where the potential for producing hydro power is high.

Plant & Equipment The Turbine

Hydro power plants comprise broadly a turbine and a generator. The turbine does the job of being moved by the pressured water and it sends the energy so created, to the power generator. On the face of it, it appears as simple as this. But in terms of the technology involved, it has a lot to do with the design of the plant, such that the flow of water and the speed, direction are all to be factored in to make sure the turbines work efficiently and produce the rated energy. The design, size and technology will also vary based on the capacity of the power plants, which are classified as small, medium and big or mega hydro power plants.

Power Generator

On similar lines, the power generator which is used to convert the mechanical energy of the turbines into electrical energy has to be chosen to match the exact need of each project. Generators are known by the two types, synchronous and asynchronous. However, technological advances have made making the turbines and generators work efficiently even where there is fluctuation in the voltage or the frequency. The generators are rated in kilowatt of electricity produced. Generators are also assisted by exciters and voltage regulators in concluding their task.

The electrical end of the generators which transmit the power generated to the grid, which will carry it to the nearest power sub-station for further distribution, will have the switch gear equipment. The switch gear has to meet the safety norms laid down by the authorities where they the hydro power plant is operated in. So the has a huge responsibility to manufacture and supply a top quality machine.

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