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XLPE Cables- Better At What They Do?

Posted by Admin on October, 21, 2014

When it comes to electric power insulation of any kind, only the most reliable materials should be used, to prevent any accidents and damage. Insulation is essential, and most often done with various polymers, to prevent electricity being conducted out of the cable and to ensure that the transiting elements within the cable do not come into contact with each other. Many industry specialists acclaim the XLPE power cables as the superior choice, and they are strongly backed by any XPLE power cables manufacturer worth his salt.

Most people involved in the manufacture and sales of power cables seem to agree, that XLPE cables are the superior choice- but why have they gained such a reputation?

What are the advantages of XLPE power cables?
There are several advantages, XLPE power cables have over other types of cables- first, let us talk about the properties of the insulation material used, the XLPE, or cross-linked polyethylene. It is a widely used polymer, used in plumbing, heating, domestic piping systems, building services and cable insulation. Cross-linked polyethylene provides great water resistance, as well as pressure resistance; it can withstand huge pressures and does not leak (unless pierced, or physically damaged) or absorb water, nor does it release any chemicals into it. Cross-linked polyethylene also has excellent electrical properties, ensuring all parts of a power cable are properly insulated and do not come into contact with each other. Second type of advantage that comes from XLPE cables, is that they often come armoured, with either steel or aluminium wiring, further increasing the cables physical resistance (allowing it to be buried deep underground, or under water, or used in difficult conditions). The wiring is usually connected to earth and is used as a further safety measure, to be used as a circuit protective conductor (or an “earth wire”). Any decent XLPE cable manufacturer will provide both, armoured and unarmoured cables. XLPE cables can be used for high and medium voltages, due to their great resistance to force and electricity.

Conclusion- are the XLPE cables better?
The answer is, as evidenced by the above text and opinions of industry experts- yes. There are very few, if any disadvantages to using of XLPE cables. They are superior to other types of insulation and are just as versatile as any other cable, if not more. If you need a cable that can withstand a lot and be used for many years, head down to a good XLPE power cable manufacturer and make a purchase you will not regret.

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